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Things To Ask Before Hiring Business Gas And Electricity Consultants

In many cases, hiring business gas and electricity consultants represent many opportunities for company owners and team members. They can focus their energies on other areas of company growth, eliminating hours wasted on tasks that they may not be properly trained to undertake.

Hiring such professionals helps companies manage their energy concerns. In today’s deregulated market, a good energy consultant can become an invaluable extension of an organisation, making it easier for them to acquire, consume and monitor energy in an efficient way that is kind on both their budgets and the earth. So, if you want to hire a consultant, here are the things you should ask them first. Read below.

Why hire an energy consultant instead of signing up for electricity myself?

The energy market is volatile, making many people not know about hidden savings. An energy consultant has years of experience negotiating, building relationships, and navigating the energy market. Not to mention, they have tricks to save you more money with tax exemptions and bill audits. These experts work on your behalf to potentially uncover hundreds in some cases thousands of dollars depending on the size of your business. So, the real question is, do you have that kind of money to lose?

Why do we use natural gas as a primary electricity source? 

You probably use business gas because it is cleaner than electricity. Most new housing construction includes natural gas heating, in large part because gas has historically been cheaper than oil for home heating

Why does natural gas have such an impact on electricity prices, even on renewable electricity markets? 

The short answer is, because it can. Energy markets are volatile because electricity sources are in the same market. All electricity sells into the same power pool, and all retail suppliers buy out of that power pool.

How good is your track record with small businesses?

Asking to see the names of other businesses your size that have used the service is a good idea — assuming the information isn’t confidential. Check your prospective change business gas suppliers' customers and talk about their experiences. You can also visit these suppliers' website. It’s nice to find out what other small businesses think of the services you are considering.

How does your pricing structure work?

Finding out the kilowatt per hour charges can help you to make the right decision for your small business. However, you need to consider some things, such as spikes in pricing for different times of the day.

How do your payments work?

Remember, energy providers know they offer a valuable service and are part of the communities they serve.  That said, you may opt for recurring payments, fixed prices and online alternatives.

What innovations do you use to control costs?

The cloud and other IT technologies allow energy providers to give their customers real-time updates in many circumstances. Choose change business gas suppliers with technologies that will minimise your energy costs and offer you excellent services.

How good is your market access?

A Third-Party Intermediary (TPI) that has established and ideally formalised relationships with many suppliers is likely to be in a better position to find you the most suitable arrangement for your needs. Check suppliers spread to assess their offers. Credit availability is sometimes a barrier and it may be that your credit rating limits how many suppliers quote for your business.

How many suppliers do you place business with?

A wide spread indicates that your TPI is willing to search the entire market to satisfy customer requirements. It's typical if the distribution is not equal. If many businesses focus on key suppliers, it is because these providers offer the best business gas online quote and most favourable terms.

How will you help make an informed decision?

Make sure your TPI presents supplier offers in a way that lets you compare like for like – not just on presented price, but also on contract terms and conditions, pros and cons, and so on. You would want to have a business gas online quote that includes charges like VAT. Choose a consultant with a method for standardising estimates of challenging to forecast ‘pass through costs’.

Mentioned are the things you should ask before hiring business gas and electricity consultants. These questions are crucial to choose a skilled one to work with. Energy consultants often come from an engineering background, so consider the role of an energy engineer and the overlap with the engineering and manufacturing sector. They also need to be well-organised when compiling detailed reports that outline their recommendations. They must be able to use the information they've collected to create arguments that will convince colleagues or clients to make changes, potentially at a cost to the business. With the questions above, you find one who is more than capable of doing all of these things, so you can get the best value for your money.

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